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The Summary

It was a cold and wintry night in the world of Renial when a child was found on the doorstep of the Luminous Church. Swaddled in cloth, the only thing besides the infant was a large violin. Despite the mysterious circumstances,the priests of the Luminous Church took the little orphan in, and named him Tsubasa. The boy grew up surrounded by music, and it soon became apparent that he was extremely gifted at the violin.

During the Luminous Festival a special ceremony was held.There,Tsubasa was found by a group of people called "The Sonata". The Sonata uses magical instruments to protect the realm against the "Tribunal de Silence" or the Court of Silence.

The Sonata immediately initiates Tsubasa into the group and he learns of their dangerous mission against the Court of Silence. The only way that they can defeat the Court is to find the Final Realm: "Royaume Des Reves", and do it before the Court finds it. As the only way to open the gateway to the Final Realm is by music, Tsubasa is chosen to play the key to the gate-the Sacred Concerto. Problem is; the Concerto was divided up and the 4 pages have to be retrieved. Now, Tsubasa is in a race against time to find and,learn the Concerto. Otherwise, Renial could be silenced for eternity...